Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Adrielle is three today!

Today our sweet little angel turned three years old. We can hardly believe it. She is growing up way to fast! Adrielle had her three year well check-up today. She doing very well. Dr. Irvin said she is at a four (or more) year old level. (Probably because she feels she has to keep up with her big brother Elijah). She is in the 50 percentile all the way around on the growth charts. Dr. Irvin sang "Happy Birthday" to her and also gave her a birthday book. After her appointment we did a little shopping. She helped mommy order her cake for her party on Sunday. She decided to have a "Hello Kitty" themed party so we ordered her a pink and white "Hello Kitty" cake. We then went to the preschool to pick Elijah up and we also registered Adrie for preschool next year. For lunch we asked her where she wanted to go and she said McDonald's. Daddy met us there! We all had lunch together and she and Elijah had a great time playing in the McDonald's "Play Place". She was so excited. We had a great day. She can not wait till we celebrate more at her party on Sunday.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Daddy's Birthday!

Yesterday (Jan. 13) was daddy's birthday! He turned 33. We had so much fun planning his party and getting him presents. We had a baseball themed party for him. We had so much fun finding baseball napkins, candles, a hat, balloons and such at the party store for his party. We also went to build-a-bear and made him a special monkey and we dressed him in a NY Yankee's uniform. We named him "Babe Ruth Monkey" since daddy loves "the Babe". We also added sound to the monkey. We recorded a special birthday message so that daddy could push the monkey's arm and hear our voices any time he wanted to. We were so intrigued with that. We gave the monkey to daddy a day early because we couldn't wait any longer. We were so excited about it and wanted daddy to have Babe right away. On Sunday we helped mommy make daddy a birthday cake...although we kinda didn't listen to mommy and we opened the sprinkles and poured 2 whole bottles onto the cake. Mommy left for just a second to go get the candles and when she came back...we had already decorated it...oops! We kinda got in trouble. Mommy tried to fix it and tipped the cake over slightly to pour some of the sprinkles into the sink when the whole cake fell out of the pan... right into the part of the sink full of water! What a disaster! Mommy was able to salvage a piece of it though for daddy. So we all decorated and shared it. Mommy teased us and told us she is buying pre-decorated cakes from now on :) We also went to "Friday's" for daddy's birthday dinner. All the waiters and waitresses sang to him and he got a little red in the face. We had a great time. We hope we made you feel as special as you are on your birthday daddy. We love you!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Movie Night...or not?

Tonight after we cleaned up our rooms, took a bath and got ready for bed, we got to have a special movie night. We went out earlier today and rented Shrek 3 to watch. We helped mommy make popcorn with our popcorn maker (thanks May family we love it and used it a ton). We also got to have soda (caffeine free diet of course) and then we begged mommy for some valentine conversation hearts. Wonderful combination of snacks, huh? That is what we chose to have though. We didn't get two minutes into the movie when Adrie fell fast asleep snuggling with Elijah. So...no movie for Adrie, but Elijah enjoyed our special night!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ezra is 9 months old!

Today Ezra turned 9 months old. He is getting so big! I woke up to two surprises...first he pulled himself up in the crib on his knees, and he started clapping his hands. He is trying so hard to crawl...our world will change when he does! We will have to break out the baby gates again. He still does not have any teeth. He has his 9 month well check up appointment on Monday. I will post all the details once I get them. He is doing so well especially considering he was born so early. I actually used my new camera and got a short video clip of him clapping and trying to crawl. I'm going to try and get it on the blog. Let's hope it works! Enjoy!