Friday, June 29, 2007

Let's go swimming...

Today I asked the kids what they wanted to do today and they said "let's go swimming in the big pool" so, we went to the neighborhood pool to swim. The kids love the water!

I don't think Adrie could even try to sink with all that gear on! She loves to float in the "baby" float still, but that's OK. She is still my baby girl.

Elijah is pretending to be a shark. Before long he won't need to wear that life jacket...he is getting so brave!

Ezra slept through the whole pool experience. One day he will be able to join us, but for now he'll just dream about it.

Here is America's next swim suit model...isn't she the cutest? I think so...but I am the biased mama :)

I'm awake!

Little Ezra is starting to be more alert and not be so sleepy! Just this week he has been starting to sleep a little bit less. He is the first of my babies to not have their days and nights mixed up. He does really well at night. He is sleeping a good 6-7 hours straight and then I feed him and he'll sleep another good 3-4 hours. Such a relief! I deserve such a good baby after such a difficult pregnancy :) Doesn't he look so handsome in his little striped shirt? (Thanks to Aunt Terri. ) Ezra is such a good baby. Today he is 12 weeks old! I can't believe it! He was born 5 weeks early so really he'd only be 7 weeks old if he was on time. He weighs 11 pounds now and is 23 inches long. He is doing well, especially for being a preemie. We are so blessed to have another healthy baby. He is starting to look more and more like Elijah. Especially through the eyes. I'll have to try to get more picture of him posted soon:)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I love my bike now!

Elijah has finally gotten brave enough to get on his "big boy bike" and ride it. He got his "big boy bike" for his birthday last year from Grammy and Papa, but was a little timid to ride it. He just felt more comfortable on his big wheel and his tractor. Well, this year he said "I'm four now, and four year olds can ride big boy bikes." He learned to steer it too which is very helpful for mommy and daddy. Now they don't have to run beside him and steer it for him. Doesn't he just look so big on that bike? We think so. Good job Elijah we are so proud of you! (p.s Thanks Aunt Ginger for my shirt! I love it!)

We love our picnic table....

Today it is so hot out! We played in our pool and then mommy let us eat our lunch outside. We love our new picnic table. It is just our size. (Thanks Papa & Grammy!) The umbrella is so nice! It gives us lots of shade. We love to be outside.