Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ezra's First Thanksgiving

On Thursday we went to Nanny and Poppy's house for Thanksgiving. We had lots of food to eat and the kids had tons of fun playing with their cousins. It was Ezra's first Thanksgiving. He got to be held a lot and he met a new best bud...Emma. Emma took good care of him most of the day. She rocked him and sang him to sleep. She is going to be an awesome babysitter...I sure wish she lived closer to us! Thanks Emma for taking care of little Ezra! He misses you!

Elijah's Thanksgiving Feast at Preschool

On Tuesday we went to Elijah's preschool for a Thanksgiving feast or party. His class sang a few songs for us and we had a lot of food to eat. Elijah looked so sweet in his little turkey hat and T-shirt he made at school. We got to meet some of his classmates and their families. We had a good time!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

We went to the movie theater...

On Friday night mommy and daddy took us to the movie theater for the first time! We saw "The Bee Movie". We were so excited. We went to a 7:25 pm movie (so a late one for us). We had to eat dinner and take a bath before we left. Mommy let us take a bath in her Jacuzzi tub. It was so fun. We had tons of bubbles in there! We made bubble beards and bubble hats. We loved the movie. Adrie got a little restless, but Elijah was so intrigued! His eyes never left the screen. We had a great time.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Back to the Doctor...

Today we had to go to the pediatrician for a follow up visit to make sure Adrie's bladder infection was gone and we were supposed to get the second round of the flu shot for Ezra. Adrie is fine! There were no signs of the infection found. (Yeah!) Ezra on the other hand, was not so healthy, and was not able to get his flu shot. He was running a slight fever and I had noticed he had been pulling at his ears and he coughed all night long. Sure enough...double ear infections and croup! This is the first time he has ever had an ear infection and croup. He also has thrush again (and gave it to me) ...yikes! Poor lil' guy. He is such a trooper though! You'd never really know he was sick. He is always such a happy lil' guy. In the pictures below you will see him doing his new favorite thing. He loves watching Elijah's train go on the train track daddy and Elijah built while the rest of us were at the doctors office. We sure hope you feel better soon Ezra!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

We got to meet Larry and Bob!

Today Mommy took us to go and see Larry and Bob (Veggie Tales). We got to watch their newest movie "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's", eat snacks and play games. Ezra even won a door prize! We had such a great time. We loved the movie!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ezra's first time eating solids foods...

Today we started Ezra on solid foods. He loved it! He had rice cereal mixed with prunes. He has had prune juice to regulate him for weeks now, so we started him off with prunes in his cereal just in case. He knew exactly what to do, as if he's always eaten solids. He opened his mouth right up. He would cry if I didn't get the spoon up to his mouth fast enough. I think he is going to be a good little eater! He turned 7 months time flies!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Elijah's First Sleep Over

On Friday night Nanny and Poppy came over to visit us. We had pizza and watched a movie and played with them. When they were about to leave, Nanny asked Elijah when he was going to spend the night with them. He said he was ready now, so we explained to him that mommy and daddy weren't coming with him and he'd have to stay the whole night with out us. He still wanted to go so we packed up his over night bag. We put his car seat in the car and he still was so excited. Little Adrie wanted to go too, but we knew she wasn't ready yet. So mommy promised her we'd go to UDF and get her some special ice cream while Elijah was gone. She cried and cried as Elijah left with Nanny and Poppy. As soon as they left, she said she was sad and wanted to say good bye to Elijah cause she missed him. Mommy took her to UDF and she got to choose a scoop of ice cream (she chose rainbow sherbet). Once we got home I let her call Elijah and talk to him. She felt much better.

On Saturday mommy and Ezra picked Elijah up from Nanny and Poppy's house around 3:00 pm. He said he had a great time. He was to scared to sleep in the granbaby room at Nanny's by himself so he got to sleep in between Nanny and Poppy in their bed. He didn't even wake up once...he slept the whole night. He said he got to play a lot with Poppy. He said they played parade with the toys, took a ride on the tractor, watched TV, and ate Popsicles. He said he didn't even cry once. Our little boy is growing up to quick!