Monday, July 30, 2007

The Lobo family came to visit today!

Today our mommy's friend Amy (Debolt) Lobo and her kids (Alex, Amie or Meme, & Abby) came to visit us! We had a blast playing together. We played all day and we all got along really well. Mommy said she couldn't believe how much Alex and Meme had grown up and changed. We got to meet Abby for the first time. We sure wish they lived a lot closer to us. They live in Louisiana now. Mommy says that that is really far far. Mommy hadn't seen her friend Amy in about 2 1/2 years. Mommy and Amy took a few pictures of us but it was so hard to get everyone to cooperate at the same time. The pictures turned out cute any ways :) Thanks for visiting us! We miss you all ready. Have a safe trip driving back tomorrow!

Elijah has games...yikes!

Last night Will introduced video games to Elijah. He loved it! He was actually pretty good at it too! It was so cute watching them play together. They look so much alike and made the same expressions. Elijah had a blast! When we told him it was time for bed...OH NO, big melt down! We promised him that he could play in the morning. I think we are going to have some arguments in this house on who's turn it is to play. Daddy are you sure you should have done that? You know you are going to have to battle it out with Elijah every time you play now! We are going to have to make some rules all ready about how long he gets to play :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Special note and snack from daddy...

Today at we had a play date with Brinn and Brett Lempner! It was so fun! We had a blast playing with all the toys at their house. Brinn and Brett are neighbors of ours. Thanks for playing! After our play date we went to the library and picked out lots of good books. When we got home our daddy had left mommy a special note on the counter. It said that there was a special snack ready for us in the fridge and a special movie in the DVD player ready for us to watch. We were so excited! Our daddy is the best! He works in the afternoons and we miss him lots when he is at work. He made us a plate of peanuts and little slices of cheese! That is our daddy's favorite snack to eat. He also let us have a very special treat...Mt. Dew! (Diet, caffeine free, so we will still sleep for our mommy tonight.) Mommy helped us get all ready for bed before we could enjoy our special night. We went into daddy's favorite room to watch TV and eat our snack. The special movie daddy had ready for us was "Popeye." Daddy used to watch Popeye when he was a little boy. Elijah even got to sit in daddy's favorite chair. Lil' Ezra even joined in on the fun. He likes Popeye too! We had a great night. Thanks for thinking of us daddy. You are the best daddy ever! We love you!

Friday, July 20, 2007

We will miss you Clob!

While we were on vacation at Shakertown, we got horrible news. My uncle, (the kids' great uncle) Greg (Clob), passed on. He was suffering from cancer and passed away Friday the 13th of July. It was hard for me to try to enjoy the rest of our vacation, but I tried for the family and I know my uncle Greg would not have wanted me to end the vacation and just grieve. I called my family to be sure someone was with my Aunt Gail. I found out her 2 boys were with her so I felt I should stay. We did not tell the kids until after we got back. It was so hard for us to explain it to the kids. They just are so young and we were afraid they just wouldn't understand. Elijah took the news really hard. He cried and cried. Greg and Elijah played a game together called "the Clob"...ever since then Greg was known as "Clob." Clob was Elijah's best buddy. He was more like a grandfather to my kids then a great uncle. The Monday before he passed he gave Elijah his "Toy Story Woody" doll he had at the house to keep for good. Elijah has not let go of that Woody. Woody goes every where with us. Greg was truly a blessing to our family and we will never forget him. He was a special, special man. We loved him so much!

Gregory M. Albright
January 28, 1946 - July 13, 2007
Loveland, Ohio

Albright, Gregory M. of Loveland. Beloved husband of 39 years to Gail L. Albright. Devoted father of Eric M (Lori) Albright and Joel G. Albright and his girlfiend Lisa Frey. Son of the late Mary Jane and Marvin Albright. Brother of Suzanne J. Albright and Mark Albright. Half-brother of the late Doug Albright. Son-in-law of Julia White and the late Harold White. Brother-in-law of Ginger Ros, Gregory Joe White (Cathy) and George T. White (Debra). Also survived by numerous nieces, nephews and grand nieces and grand nephews. July 13, 2007 at the age of 61.

Clob and Ezra

Clob and Adrie

Clob and Adrie

Shakertown in Pleasantville KY

On the last weekend before daddy went back to work we went on a mini-vacation with Nanny and Poppy (Will's mom and dad). We had so much fun! We went to Shakertown in Kentucky. It is so peaceful there. We had lots of fun playing in the fields, looking at the many farm animals they have there, and feeding ducks. We tried to catch some fish in the pond...but we didn't have any luck. The food there is amazing! We ate well! They serve huge portions of food. It was neat to stay in the village. It is kind of like stepping back in time. We spent the nights out in farm land on our lawn chairs watching the sun set and the kids playing in the fields . The suite we stayed in was very nice and huge! It was so nice to get away for a while and to just relax. Although we did get very bad news on Friday night...(Read next post). Here are a couple of camera battery ran out so I didn't get to take very many pictures :(
Thanks Nanny and Poppy! We had a great time! We will have to it again next year!

Fountain fun at the park...

The first two weeks of July Will had vacation time due to Ford's shut down. We had tons of fun with daddy! We did all kinds of stuff with him. On July 11th we all went to the park. We went to Pine Hills park in Mason. It is a neat park with neat play equipment, trails, fountains, a fishing pond, and may other things to do. It is our favorite park. The kids brought their suits and played in the fountains. They had a blast!

Aunt Sarah's Bridal Shower

I finally have some time to sit down and post some things that have been going on with us. It has been a busy July for us! On July 7th I hosted a bridal shower for my little sister Sarah. She is getting married on August 11th. We had a bridal shower tea for her at Miss Annabelle's Tea Parlor in Loveland, Ohio. Adrie went to her first tea party. She loved it! She said "I get to drink out of real dishes? Not my sippy cup?" We usually always pretend with her little tea set so it was a big deal! Miss Annabelle's was a very neat place and the food was delicious! There were fancy hats all over the walls and we picked one out to wear as we had tea. Adrie was a pretty good girl through out the whole party. I was afraid of a terrible two's temper tantrum, but we made it with no problem...even with out a nap. She sat on her Great Aunt Bootsie's (Gail) lap for most of it. Here are some pictures...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sick on the Fourth of July...

It is finally here! The 4th of July. Elijah has been looking forward to this day for about a month now...and guess what, he is sick! Just our luck. He has no symptoms except for a high fever. Adrie just has a cold for now so hopefully it doesn't turn into anything more than that. We had plans to go so many places today, but instead we had to cancel and spend the day at home. We did make it out to see fireworks on our front porch tonight. There were a ton being let off in our neighborhood, and we could also enjoy the Kings Island fireworks from our house too. We had a few boxes of sparklers left over from last year so Elijah and Adrie got to experience those. Adrie was a little hesitant at first but Elijah comforted her and taught her how to hold them. They were so cute. I don't think Ezra was feeling the best today either. He was really fussy all day. His little nose was stuffy and his eye is a little red. He did however enjoy his bath today. He was all smiles. I tried to capture one of those smiles on the camera, but every time I'd get him to smile, I'd get the camera up to take a picture and he'd just stare at the camera like "what is that thing?". Here is what I was able to get...

Oh well, maybe I'll get one of those precious little smiles on camera soon. Hopefully the kids all get well soon. We will probably have to go visit Dr. Irvin tomorrow. This being sick stuff is no fun at all!